Jørgen Teller

Guitar-player, sampler, vocal, electro acoustics, composer and songwriter. Born 1958 in Copenhagen.Active musician & performer since 1977.

As a musician and composer JT has investigated sound and the guitar. This happens in electro acoustics, free-form, black rock, song-writing, acousmatics / multispeaker-concerts, noise, improvisation, black rock, African guitar and rhythm, tape looping, dub-mixing, sampling, dsp, drone-guitar, analogue stomp-boxes, preparations, tuning of the day, people and silence.

JT's compositions and projects shares focus on both LIVE presentation as on edition, releases, tapepieces, radio and soundtracks for international dance, poetry, video-productions and new architecture.

JT tours and presents his numerous works / concerts, soundtracks, live-installations, video-dance-performances, conceptual events, multi-media, speaker concepts, FAX-concerts and communication-actions - local & planet c/o Paris, Freiburg, Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Helsinki, Salzburg, Bergamo, Arnhem, Barcelona, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Cagliari, Pärnu, Århus, Toulouse, København, Odense, Stevns, Aalborg, Tokyo, Kobe, Bordeaux, St Jean d Angely, etc.

JT lived in Paris 1985-90, studying dance, contact improvisation & performance with ao. Mark Tompkins & Isnel da Silveira. Later he directed his dance-performances with The Tyte Institute and performed solo with "The Walther Tyte Portrait - Insulted" ao., as well as producing video-dance-clips and video-dance-theatre (1987-94). In the same period he co-produced live-installations with Emmanuel Carquille (Paris) in Denmark, France and Netherlands.

Composing for:

SOLO: his own songs & guitar / Le Bastard / 12-string guitar / sound-works / MIDI-guitar-sampler /

DUO/TRIO/QUARTET: Per Buhl Acs, Jeffrey Morgan, Yasuhiro Otani , Jean Francois Pauvros, Rhys Chatham, Fast Forward, Jakob Brandt-P., Tzarina Q Cut (w. Jakob Draminsky Højmark) , David Thomas, Pierre Dørge, Christer Irgens-Møller, Peter Friis-Nielsen, Peter Ole Jørgensen, Rex Casswell, Søren Gorm

ENSEMBLE: Corona Guitar Kvartet, 21st GUITARS (15 musicians), Lead Off (trumpet, guitar, el-piano & 3 bata-drums).


COREOGRAPHERS: Anders Christiansen, Anne Katrine Kallmoes, Signe Andersen, The Tyte Institute, Lene Boel, Stuart Lynch, Isnel da Silveira, Tim Feldman, Kenneth Kreutzmann, Malene Hertz.

WRITERS: Janus Kodal, Poul Borum, Jörgen Lind & a Bertolt Brecht-project
“Like A Crush” - Jørgen Teller & The Empty Stairs – band / songs CD 2003
"Signals in Development" - solo for LE BASTARD - CD 2002
"BAY CITY" (CD) - David Thomas & Foreigners 2000
"9 møder med THE CARELESS ANGEL" (CD) - co-lab. w. late beat-.poet Poul Borum - 1999
"Delete Nature Convert Today" (CD) - solo for MIDI-guitar-sampler 1999
"Ingentings Mestre" (CD) - Temper & Miwako Tomozawa & Janus Kodal. Beat'n'poetry.
"MY INNER EAR" (CD) - trio-electro acoustic concert for samplers.
"17 musics for stage & screen" (MC) - soundtracks for choregraphy
"Sorte Får"(2LP) - Tredie Tilstand - danish dub-reggae
"Giv Plads" (LP) - Tredie Tilstand - danish dub-reggae
"On Waste Ave-Nude" (EP) - Tzarina Q Cut - on wave duo
"Bees On H.A.L.I." (LP) - Tzarina Q Cut - drone duets
PENDLER (2CD), SKRÆP 1+2+3, MXP 1+2, Klima, My Car, EuropCafé a.o.

Lectures & teachings:
Music in highschools 83-84, Denmarks Designschool 97, Rytmic Center 97.
Contact improvisation/dance in Paris, Stockholm og Copenhagen '88-'90.
Sonic arts at Krabbesholm Highschool & Music-Science Institute (Århus) 99-00.
Initiated the first soundbienale in Copenhagen SSSHHHHH..... 1999.