Rasmus B. Lunding

Rasmus B. Lunding has an extensive background as a musician and composer within trash, punk, experimental rock, metaljazz and other electric escapades. Producing and releasing music in bands as well as solo, for a variety of sound/space-setups, as computer algorithms etc.
Lunding has had his pieces performed in several countries, resently at the Rien á Voir-festival in Montreal, Canada, on a European tour organised by the danish organisation DIEM and at the Danish National Museum for the Arts in Copenhagen.
Resently "Fluorescent", a duo-cd with australian soundscapes artist Philip Samartzis was released, and the duo is allready at work on a followup.
The main focus in the music is timbre, rhythm, texture, organity and the raw sound itself as a unity, examplifying a searh for freedom in the sound that goes beyond any genre or labelling of the output itself.
Lunding also works at the local university doing research with sound as expression in robotics and in musical tools for kids.