A cacophonic sound relief

By Sune T. B. Nielsen

H.C. Andersens Boulevard is one of the places in inner Copenhagen where there is most traffic. Glyptoteket is an honourable art museum that besides some classical concerts now and then, is lying silently between sparkling Tivoli and the horns and pianos which can be heard from the windows of the Royal Academy of Music.

Here Ssshhhhh's ghetto blaster orchestra is placed as an accelerator to accentuate an blend with the existing sounds. Sounds form cars, bicycles, traders, people partying, tooting, singing and so on are merged into a carpet of sounds to make a sound relief to the sounds already in the street. The director´┐Żs job is to sonically navigate the musicians around in the traffic in order to accentuate and reflect the intensity of the city streets which its sounds is an inseparable part of.



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