A Moveable Position-oriented Soundpiece for Ghettoblaster-band

By Jakob Brandt-Pedersen

The intension of the composition is to create a soundpiece that emphasizes the site where it is performed, and that the site directs the movements in the composition, and otherwise is included in the composition by the way it reflects the sounds comming from the ghettoblasters.

During the piece the ghettoblasters move from one position to the next. These positions will be among the audience,
so that they will be surrounded by sounds. The positions can be in open clusters or tight formations. The movement starts slow but during the piece the movement speeds up, so that, in the middle section, the ghetthoblasters rapidly moves to the next postion without any pause. Then the movement slows down again. The sounds from the ghettoblasters is mainly sine-waves with different frequencies. The frequencies change in the same manner as the ghettoblasters movements. The frequencies also affect each other, creating interference-frequencies.

Position was originally made for the �ster Voldgade in Copenhagen, put can be performed at any street or square. The different places can lead to new positions.



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